About Us

We utilise a wide range of methodologies, tools and techniques to provide services to our clients. Some are well-known approaches such as DMAIC or PDCA, others are bespoke to Lean Enterprise System solutions and have been developed and refined over the years to provide maximum results for our clients.

We have an international network, recognized expertise and a network of experts and consultants trained in LEAN Manufacturing tools and approaches, spread throughout Europe and North America.

With Continuous improvement you ensure the processes to be as efficient and effective as possible, by making small, incremental improvement on a daily basis that provides more customer value. LESS also helps to identify the root causes of your problem so you can eliminate them permanently.


Getting Knowledge


What is the organisation here to do? Does everyone share the same view?

Understand the Customer

What matters to the customer? What do they say “Voice of Customers

Service Drivers

What logic is driving the service?

Root Cause

What makes the waste happen? What assumptions have been made in the design of work?

What do we Measure?

Do we Measure the ‘right things’? Do we measure ‘what matters to customers? …why do we measure what we do?


What’s the value added work? How does it flow? Identify the waste? Flow = Value Work – Waste(Muda, Mura & Muri)-Lets become lean


Our Services


We Are Helping Clients

Identify multi-million annualised savings

Increase output

Increase efficiency

Increase productivity

Internal quality performance

By helping them change the way they complete their work.


Our Clientele