About Us

We utilise a wide range of methodologies, tools and techniques to provide services to our clients. Some are well-known approaches such as DMAIC or PDCA, others are bespoke to Lean Enterprise System solutions and have been developed and refined over the years to provide maximum results for our clients.

We have an international network, recognized expertise and a network of experts and consultants trained in LEAN Manufacturing tools and approaches, spread throughout Europe and North America.

With Continuous improvement you ensure the processes to be as efficient and effective as possible, by making small, incremental improvement on a daily basis that provides more customer value. LESS also helps to identify the root causes of your problem so you can eliminate them permanently. But more importantly, our approach is to work closely with all esteem Organizations to achieve results. We believe that the only way to truly create a culture of sustainability is to work with your staff to design and implement change.

Failure to engage with your staff only leads to short term gains and a never-ending cycle of massive change interventions. We appreciate that certain stakeholders are critical to the success of any change activity, so we have developed an approach where we take the time to understand our key stakeholders and develop a plan to keep them engaged and supportive. We identify key stakeholders, analyse their level of engagement and influence, develop a strategy that enables them to participate and create a clear communications plan.

To compete in today’s progressive economy a business must continuously improve its performance. Improved performance alone, however, is not enough: improvement must be sustained and the personnel within the organisation fully engaged.

Unlike many other Management Consultancies, Lean Enterprise System solutions is an expert in performance improvement and through our sister company, Lean Sigma Academy, Lean Six Sigma Training. That’s it. That’s all we do. Employing the trusted methodologies and proven analysis techniques of Lean Six Sigma we empower companies on their journey to Operational excellence.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges most companies face today is to do more with less – and this requires change. A change not only to the way work is processed but to the way, work is thought about. This change must be from the top down to be sustainable. Without this, we will simply be doing less with less and lose market share.


Our Concept & Values

Lean Enterprise system solutions has become a concept based on LEAN Manufacturing. LEAN is a set of production techniques developed by Toyota. The goal of this approach is to eliminate waste, achieve high production volumes, reduce costs and control production cycles.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, to simplify production flows by eliminating all waste (MUDA), Mura & Muri through the standardization of tools and the sharing of information through Visual Management. It is by working with this philosophy that we have shared these values .