Industry 4.0, a transformation led by connected technologies

Digitize / Execute / Measure /Transform
Insights that drive results

Use artificial intelligence to get Connected Worker Platform to digitize your frontline operations and gain actionable insights into the greatest areas of improvement across your organization. Take the next step with LESS today.

Industry 4.0 includes an innovative product range for the Smart factory of the future. Thanks to IOT, we are able to share real time information anywhere within a company. Sharing information or performance signals across all company departments has become very simple with a digital visual management approach. The resulting d-tools and displays are used to make interactive animations or presentations for meetings.

The digital management solution is used to manage your company using indicators. It is a dashboard connected to all company screens.

All the company’s technological and digital tools have access to the platform, like a touch screen tablet, interactive screen or smartphone. This offers employees the option to acquire or distribute data.
This real-time information sharing generates performance indicators. These can be viewed at a glance and improve company effectiveness as it becomes more responsive. This software tools is based on the principle of digital visual management.